Mackenzie Glen Valleylands

MacKenzie Glen ValleylandsMacKenzie Glen ValleylandsMacKenzie Glen Valleylands
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The Mackenzie Glen Valleylands is an ambitious project that effectively blends the stormwater management requirements of the Mackenize Glen residential development with enhancement of the natural environment.

The masterplan works to restore the valleylands along the West Don River, protect archaeological resources, and protect and enhance aquatic and terrestrial wildlife habitat. A fish ladder was designed and constructed to allow spawning native fish species to move upstream to the existing on-line pond, which was retrofitted with extensive underwater habitat and stocked to establish a sustainable warm water fishery.

This project also successfully incorporates passive recreational uses of the site for the surrounding community. A trail system including boardwalks and lookouts provides links between neighbourhoods, parks, and schools. Don Naylor and Associates received an Urban Design Award of Excellence (1999) from the City of Vaughan for this project.