Willow Farm

Site Planning and Design

Willow Farm in Aurora, Ontario is a unique property with unlimited potential, but heritage, conservation and zoning laws made planning and design complex. New development was subject to hydraulic modeling, since only 25% percent of the site sits above the Regional Storm Line. The circa 1850s buildings were restored, and a large coach house and outdoor amenities suitable for large social functions were added. Key issues were creating a comfortable human scale for small gatherings and the desire to screen highway noise. A formal country garden greets visitors arriving at a grand terrace overlooking the pool and native gardens surrounded by a protected forest with towering, century old red oaks. An intricate waterfall and babbling brook meanders through the property providing a peaceful ambiance. Special features include a custom designed grill, gas fire pit and open-air serviced pavilion. Perennial gardens complete the palette for a year round display of colour and fragrance.

Willow FarmWillow FarmWillow FarmWillow FarmWillow FarmWillow Farm