Bronte Creek Neighbourhood Parks: Town of Oakville

Don Naylor and Associates was retained from 2008 to 2011 by the Town of Oakville to complete two active neighbourhood park assignments. In both cases the sites had not been predetermined through the development process and the Town was required to go through a facility fit design exercise that included public consultation led by Don Naylor. Following a successful public process where 6 option sites were tabled, two preferred sites were selected. The first was proposed immediately beside a mature protected woodlot and within the Trans Canada Pipeline corridor. The second site was created within a storm water pond block adjacent an arterial road. Both parks were ideally positioned to serve the local community and were well integrated into the Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

Both solutions demonstrate creative landscape architecture where active facilities are required in locations where space is at a premium.

Bronte Creek Neighbourhood Parks planBronte Creek Neighbourhood Parks pavilion detailBronte Creek Neighbourhood Parks pavilionBronte Creek Neighbourhood Parks concept 1Bronte Creek Neighbourhood Parks concept 2Bronte Creek Neighbourhood Park playground 1Bronte Creek Neighbourhood Park playground 1