Loafer’s Lake

Recreation Master Plan and Report

The Firm was retained by the Community Services department of the City of Brampton in 2007 to prepare a comprehensive study and recreation master plan for the Loafer’s Lake Community centre and adjacent open space land. The City required a plan that would ultimately be implemented in phases according to detailed phasing recommendations.

The Loafers Lake Recreation Centre, constructed in the mid 1970s no longer met the demand of the growing local population and water quality concerns in the lake were contributing to lower demand levels during prime summer periods.

In addition, adjacent land zoned for high rise development was pending and a clear understanding of site opportunities and constraints was needed to help navigate the approval process. Two distinctly different design concepts were prepared following a thorough inventory and analysis of the existing site ecology, recreation amenities, trail network and environmental functions.

The full report titled Loafer’s Lake Recreation Master Plan is available at the community services dept., City of Brampton.

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