McLoughlin Parkette

Gateway Park

McLoughlin Parkette was commissioned by the City of Brampton and is the first of several downtown gateway parkette features designed in concert with the City’s strategic plan to beautify and raise awareness of Brampton’s many architectural and cultural amenities. The parkette’s focal point is centred on an art piece designed by local artist Andres Pang called “Wherever You Go Always Take the Weather.” Detail design features incorporate colours and textures that respond to the City’s urban design guidelines. These guidelines are an important instrument in ensuring continuity of the new built form with the historical characteristics of the old downtown.

McLoughlin Parkette, BramptonMcLoughlin Parkette (before)McLoughlin Parkette, BramptonMcLoughlin Parkette, BramptonMcLoughlin Parkette, BramptonMcLoughlin Parkette, Brampton